Policy changes

When a change to an existing policy is required, it is important that changes made are clearly documented and that contract certainty for all parties is maintained.

We separate policy changes into two types: simple changes and complex changes.

A simple change

These include changes to:

  • policy anniversary
  • payment frequency
  • company name
  • rate guarantee period

For this type of change, all you need to do is email us and we can make the change and issue a revised policy schedule as confirmation. 

Simple changes that require new application forms to be signed

These include changes to:

  • The company house number or change to ownership of the company
  • Establishing an excepted, single relevant life policy

For these changes we require a new application form to be signed as we are establishing a contract with a new contracting party.

Complex changes

These include:

  • A change to the level of cover required
  • A new participating employer (e.g. following a takeover)
  • A new group of members needing cover as a result of a TUPE transfer or auto-enrolment
  • A new category being set up, or an existing one changed
  • A change to the salary definition that is being insured
  • A change to the eligibility conditions
  • A change to the cover cease age

What information would we normally need for a complex change?

We need:

  • To know what you want to change
  • Membership data
  • Details of any members who are absent due to ill health
  • Details of members who travel to countries we consider high risk

You can email us with the information listed above, or alternatively complete this form (which takes you through all the information you need to provide) and return it to policychange@ellipse.co.uk. Once we have reviewed the information,  we will confirm if it has any impact on the premium rates. If there is no impact to the rates, we can make the change straight away. If the premium rates do need to change we will issue a quotation and a policy change form.  The client will need to sign and return this form before the policy change is effective.