Rate reviews

The rates underlying our policies are guaranteed for a set period of time, usually two years.  The FCA require insurers and advisers to ensure clients know on what basis their cover can continue well before their current terms expire.

To read about the information we need to complete a rate review, click here.

Online rate reviews

For group life policies covering up to 500 members and group critical illness policies with up to 300, we will send an email 12 weeks before a rate guarantee is due to expire, inviting you to obtain our rate review terms online. 

We have broken this down into 5 simple steps in this video.

Offline rate reviews

Rate reviews for many of our policies can be handled online by advisers.  Where this facility is not available, we will email you to request the information we require, which can be sent to us by email at ratereview@ellipse.co.uk . We will produce our quote within 10 working days.

For both online and offline rate reviews, we will ask you to supply the information well in advance of the rate review date. We normally require it to be with us at least six weeks (eight weeks for flex schemes) before the rate review date so that we can issue our terms four weeks before the rate review date.  This will give you and your clients plenty of notice of the new terms before they take effect. 


If your client's scheme operates on a voluntary basis, where members choose whether or not to join the scheme, we will also need to know the potential number of members who are eligible to join the scheme. When you have this information, please send it to ratereview@ellipse.co.uk

If we do not receive the information in time to meet our obligations to give adequate notice of new terms, we will produce a quotation based on the most recent data we hold.  Please note that this will include a precautionary 50% loading to the rates for the new guarantee period.

If you wish to make policy structure changes at the rate review date, such as adding a category or changing the benefit basis, please also complete and send us a policy change request form setting out the revised structure required.  

Please note that any data refreshes that become due will still need to be completed to generate updated accounts - data refresh and rate review are separate processes.