Our causes

We believe in supporting campaigns that are focused on helping people, families and communities – an extension of what our business is all about.

You Quote, We Donate

In October 2014, we introduced a new feature to our online quote service. Once an adviser has obtained a full online quote they are asked to select one of three charities, each nominated by an adviser, to receive a £1 donation from Ellipse. Every three months, we make donations according to how the voting has gone.  We also review the charities we are supporting every quarter, so if you would like to propose one, please click here or contact us at youquotewedonate@ellipse.co.uk

Our current nominated charities are:

Dandelion Time (Robert Young - Gordon Dadds), Sobell House Hospice (George Wagerfield - Mathews Comfort) and Teardrop (Karina Henery - Professional Wealth Management Investment Services). 

Micro Sponsorship

We launched micro sponsorship in early 2014 to sponsor events and activities that support the family and the community as a whole. We have invited members of staff and our adviser network to put forward suggestions where a small amount (£500 maximum) can go a long way. So far we have sponsored:

  • An open meet at Stevenage swimming club
  • Two community action in Cambridge
  • Two advisers from EG Murray who were fundraising for St. Andrew’s Hospice
  • Steve and the team at Stackhouse Poland who took on Tough Mudder
  • BDHL who took on a mammoth 100,000 meter indoor row for ellenor. 

We are always looking for new suggestions and great causes, so please contact chris.morgan@ellipse.co.uk

The Great British Brekkie in aid of Winston’s Wish

When we have a death claim we refer the family to our partner Winston’s Wish, who are the leading childhood bereavement charity in the UK.

For the past three years, we have also supported their Great British Brekkie fundraising campaign. The campaign aims to encourage everyone to hold their own brekkie and fundraise for the charity. This year, we transformed our building reception into a breakfast canteen and invited our office neighbors to support our brekkie.  This year we raised £469.46.

Seven Families

We are delighted to be one of the insurer sponsors of 7families. In partnership with Disability Rights UK, the project finds seven families who have been impacted by incapacity to work and who don’t have long term sick pay income cover from their employer or insurance as individuals. Grants to the equivalent of an income protection benefit are paid and the incapacitated worker is case managed and assisted as if they had disability cover in place.

The main purpose is to show the reality of engagement with insurers, the imperative of communication to keep the person in touch with their place of work and to show how rehab, intensive case management and treatment can help the individual, the family, the employer and society.     

You can check for updates and support the campaign online by following these links:

Website: www.7families.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/7families

Twitter: www.twitter.com/7families

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/sevenfamilies

Plan If

The Plan If campaign aims to encourage all parents to put in place the practical and personal things that would make a difference to their children and families if they were to die while their children are still young. Things like wills, plans for guardianship, life insurance, family stories and letters for children to read in the future. You can visit their website for help with your own Plan If.