Auto enrolment

What is auto enrolment?

Legislation requires all employers to automatically enter their eligible employees into a qualifying pension scheme through a schedule of staging dates which will determine when employers must introduce it.  The largest employers – those with over 120,000 employees – started from October 2012. Each year since then, progressively smaller companies will join. Staging is due to be completed by February 2018. 

Eligible employees can opt out, but every three years the employer is required to re-enrol all employees, including those who have previously opted out.

More information about auto enrolment for employers can be found on the Pension Regulator’s website.

How does auto enrolment affect policies with Ellipse?

Auto Enrolment affects policies where the eligibility of any members, or the structure of their benefits, is dependent on their membership of the employer’s pension scheme. 

The way auto enrolment operates, with the three-year re-enrolment cycles, has an impact on how we treat employees who are auto enrolled. We have put together a grid of the different circumstances and their impact on our policies, which you can find here.


How could auto enrolment could impact group risk business?

We think we think auto-enrolment is a great opportunity for advisers to expand into workplace benefits advice. As SMEs setup workplace benefits for the first time, many may be interested in group risk benefits too. The presentation below was delivered by Chris Morgan to a recent industry conference and explains this in more detail. If you'd like to discuss this further, please contact Chris on 0203 003 6220 or at