We developed LivewireTM with the aim of being the group risk provider of choice for the growing number of employee benefits schemes that are administered via an online platform. 

Once a dedicated link is in place between your platform and us, LivewireTM provides:

  • Automated, secure handling of scheme data
  • Automated generation of monthly cost statements
  • A costing basis whereby each member's premium is calculated separately (so no cross-subsidies between members)
  • Cover for joiners and leavers based on the days of cover in the month that are actually provided
  • Online medical underwriting for members whose benefits exceed our automatic acceptance (free cover) limits

We have already created links from LivewireTM to the Staffcare and Thomsons Online Benefits (Darwin) platforms. If you operate a different one, please contact Ed Bryan, our Head of Distribution, to discuss integrating our systems with yours ( or 020 3003 6262).