Key Service Indicators

We have launched a new initiative to help advisers improve their productivity. We are the first group risk insurer to set out a series of Key Service Indicators (KSIs) which will report our rolling 12 month performance to the end of each quarter. By setting transparent standards we hope to improve the service provided to advisers across the sector, thereby improving adviser productivity.

Our latest KSIs for the 12 months to the end of March 2017

KSIs Q1 2017 

Comparing 2016 with 2015:


KSI definitions:

  • Of all offline quotes submitted in the previous 12 months (typically schemes with more than 500 lives), this shows the percentage that were delivered by or within 3 days of the target date agreed with the adviser. Target dates are normally 10 working days, but maybe less if agreed specifically with the adviser.
  • Of all policies which commenced in the previous 12 months, this shows the percentage of schemes where a policy schedule was issued within 5 working days of the policy start date.
  • Of all members who have completed individual assessments in the previous 12 months, this shows the percentage who completed without the need for third party evidence to be provided. It also shows the average number of days taken from initial engagement with the online questionnaire to a decision letter being issued to the member, where 3rd party medical evidence was not required.
  • Of all life and death in service pension claims that were paid in the last 12 months, this shows the percentage of claims that were paid within 5 working days of receiving all the required information needed by Ellipse to assess the claim.