Flexible and voluntary benefits

We can provide flex and voluntary variants of our Group Life and Group Critical illness products for all scheme sizes including extending our online quotes service to enable quotes on flex/voluntary variants.

To host a flex or voluntary program, a benefit platform or similar software capability is needed for administration and communication. To offer cover on a flex or voluntary basis we would expect the benefit platform to do all of the following: 

  • Show the actual benefits applicable to each member
  • Calculate premiums once a rate table (supplied by us) has been uploaded
  • Provide data on a quarterly basis using our online updating facility showing joiners/leavers/benefit changes, etc.
  • Provide an audit trail of each member's selections
  • Handle member selections during annual benefit windows and following lifestyle events

The range of designs we can host are:

Standard flex - A scheme where all members receive at least some level of benefit, being either a default amount or one that they flex up or down to during an annual flex window or following specified lifestyle events - marriage, birth of a child.

Voluntary flex - A scheme where employees can choose whether or not to join.  Those that do join then choose which level of cover they want from the options on offer during an annual flex window.  They can revise their selections during subsequent annual flex windows or following specified lifestyle events. 

Pure Voluntary - In these schemes, employees can choose whether or not to join the scheme.  Any initial cover provided and any subsequent increases will be subject to individual assessment.

For more information, to discuss individual requirements or request a quote, please contact our Distribution team on 0203 003 6262 or at quotes@ellipse.co.uk