Group life

Group life cover provides money if a scheme member dies to help their families and dependents.  The benefits can be paid as a lump sum or pensions - or both.

Our group life policies are available for groups of two or more. 

We can provide cover for registered and excepted schemes, as well as single relevant life policies, providing there is associated group life cover in place. For registered schemes you will need to obtain a Pension Scheme Tax Reference (PSTR) from HMRC.

Why insure with us?

  • Great value cover - we do not charge minimum premiums or policy fees.
  • Master Trust - for new or existing registered schemes, you may wish to participate in Ellipse's Master Trust.
  • Online benefit nominations - uniquely in the market. Ellipse offers an online nomination of beneficiary facility which members can use to make and change their benefit nominations at any time.
  • Bereavement Support - as well as financial help, we also offer a bereavement support service for families which is provided by our partners Winston's Wish, who are the UK's leading provider of bereavement support services to children and their families.
  • Excepted Life Trust - for new or exisiting excepted schemes, you may wish to use the Ellipse Excepted Life Trust.

Full details of the cover provided can be found in our technical guide.