Refreshing membership data

The data refresh frequency will be confirmed on the application form and policy schedule. Generally data is refreshed quarterly, but for larger schemes we can administer these annually.

To help you complete a data refresh in double quick time, we’ve picked out some of the top time saving tips for getting this right first time. View our guide and top tips here.

Small schemes up to 100 lives

For these schemes data is refreshed quarterly online by the client themselves or adviser on their behalf. This process is quick, easy and secure, allowing clients to manage their own scheme, with updated accounts and payments calculated straight away.

We'll send an email containing a link to the “Update scheme membership” facility where you'll be able to make simple changes on screen, or export the previous set of data submitted, make any changes and re-upload. Once data has been provided, an invoice will be available in minutes. The video below describes the process from start to finish.

Medium sized schemes with between 100 - 200 lives

A client or adviser can provide data annually online instead of quarterly if they prefer. The upload process is exactly the same as described above.

Large schemes with more than 200 lives

Data can be provided annually, offline for these schemes. We will send an email with a link to transfer the data to us securely for processing offline. Once data has been provided, an invoice will be produced within 20 working days.