Our claims process is designed to handle claims quickly, with care, sensitivity and compassion.

We know that paying claims quickly is really important, especially as the cover we provide is a vital financial support in the event of death or disability. Once we have the information we need, we pay claims within five working days.

Group Life Claims

Our guide for how we handle death claims is here, along with some important information that employers and advisers should be aware of when submitting a claim.

Click here to request a group life claim form.

We offer a bereavement support service to children and their families which is provided by our partner Winston’s Wish. They are the leading provider of bereavement services to children and their families. Details of how to contact them can be found here.

Group Critical Illness Claims

Our guide for how we handle critical illness claims is here.

To request a claim form, email our team at:

All our critical illness claimants and their families are offered RED ARC's Critical Illness Service.  In essence this is a care planning support service. A Personal Nurse Adviser establishes contact and provides information, expert advice and emotional support.

Group Income Protection Claims

To request a claim form for Interact or Sick Pay Complete policies, please call us on 020 3003 6161 or email at:


If you have any questions about how we pay claims or what you can do to help the process run as quickly and smoothly as possible, please contact us by telephone on 020 3003 6161 or