Getting cover started

Our full on-risk process can be found here, the key points are also summarised below.

Getting cover started - placing business with ellipse

Once you accept a quote, an application form will then be posted in your client’s online document store and you will also receive a copy. The application form is pre-populated based on information given during the quotes process.

The client must check the information is accurate and sign the form before we can start the cover. So although you’re obtaining a quote online, the client must verify all of the disclosures you have made on their behalf. This ensures contract certainty for all parties.

In order to go on risk you must ensure that the following is provided prior to the start date:

  • A completed application form
  • PSTR (for Registered group life schemes)
  • Previous medical underwriting decisions where requested
  • A Direct Debit mandate (unless the scheme has at least 500 or more members and has opted to pay annually through BACS)

Without these items, Ellipse cannot start cover.

Once the application form has been received, we will place the scheme on risk and issue a Confirmation of Cover letter to the client.  A policy schedule will be issued within 5 working days.