Individual Assessment

We differ from the rest of the market by using an online questionnaire to assess members with benefits not covered by the automatic acceptance limit. This online questionnaire adapts its questions as the member provides answers, probing those areas where more information is needed, but skipping over anything not relevant to that specific member.

The traditional approach to individual underwriting in group life and disability is a very time consuming process that can take weeks or months to produce a decision. Compared to traditional methods our online assessment takes, on average, just 10 minutes to complete. It can be completed at a time and place that is convenient to the member, on any device with internet access.

To date 73% of members have been accepted instantly at the end of the questionnaire and 89% of members have been accepted without the need for further medical evidence. All decisions are on a “Once and Done” basis, reducing the need for reassessment in most cases.

This video explains the process.



As our individual assessment process is completed online, we can use it to assess members before a scheme is placed with Ellipse. This might be useful if a currently insured member has been declined or postponed benefits by the previous insurer, as in many cases we can offer more favourable terms. By completing the assessment prior to transferring the scheme, you can be sure that existing cover is not lost, and an informed decision can be made.

Case Study A - A client of Chase Templeton, a specialist employee benefit consultancy, recently used the service. You can read their case study here.  

Case Study B - A client of Lark Employee Benefits also found it useful.

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