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Employers with less than 200 lives

For small and medium size businesses, you can quote online for group life, group income protection and group critical illness for up to 200 lives. The minimum is just 2.

To obtain an online quote, click here. Typically it takes 15-20mins to obtain a quote.

We hope you find our online quotes system simple and easy to use. We’ve gathered the most common queries users have, with their solutions, to help you when you’re completing your next quote. Click here to view the document.

If you’ve not used us before, this video explains the main features. If you need help putting your member data in the correct format, download our member data template here.


Employers with 200 lives or more

For larger schemes, over 200 lives for group life, critical illness and income protection, please send a quote specification and membership data to and we will provide a quote within 10 working days. If you wanted to obtain a quote quicker, you can still do so online if you wish.