Online nomination of beneficiary

What does the facility do?

This online facility allows employees to register onto our secure website and complete a life insurance nomination of beneficiary form (sometimes known as an expression of wish form). Completed forms are stored securely by us and only accessed in the event of the employee's death, when the form will be passed to the trustees.

Why use it?

  • It's easy and convenient for employees to complete at any time
  • Higher completion rate - claims are paid quicker when there is a form
  • Complements the MasterTrust by providing a complete solution for employers
  • Forms are stored securely
  • It saves the employer time administering paper forms
  • It reminds the employee about their life insurance
  • It prompts the employee to review their form every year by email 
  • It's free for all Ellipse registered and excepted group life policyholders

How does it work?

For new policyholders, the facility can be selected on the application form and this will be available to employees when the policy starts. Existing policyholders will need to call us on 0203 003 6226 or email and we will setup the service for you.

Once setup, we will need email addresses for all employees and you can provide this in your normal membership data. It doesn't matter if you don't have email addresses for all employees, we will only email those we have addresses for. Either work or personal email addresses are fine.

Employees will then receive an email from Ellipse with login details to our website. Reminder emails will be sent after 3 months to those employees who have not completed their forms and all employees will receive an annual email reminder to update their nominations. 

A complete guide for employees, which explains the online process in detail can be found here.


How do I provide you with employee email addresses?

Please provide these in your normal membership data spreadsheet, either at inception or at your next data refresh.

How should I communicate the service to my employees?

You'll find an overview of the facility, including a step by step guide on our website, so you may wish to share this with your employees. The emails that we send to your employees explain the service and actions required clearly, but it is advisable to let them know to expect an email from Ellipse. 

Do I have to use this facility?

No, the facility is entirely voluntary. You can choose to set it up when you complete the Ellipse application form, or at any other time by contacting us on 0203 003 6226. If you choose not to use the service, you will need to ask your employees to complete paper nomination forms and retain them in your personnel files.