Our people

"I have found everyone that I have spoken to at Ellipse to be extremely helpful and efficient - look forward to working with Ellipse going forward."
Joanne Goldby, i2 Healthcare Limited

While our business is based on the smart use of the most up-to-the-minute technology, we appreciate that unless it's backed up by smart people, technology alone will get us nowhere.

Fortunately, our team consists entirely of smart people!  And we can promise you that:

  • If you call us, the person you speak to will give their name without having to be asked
  • You won't ever have to listen to a series of recorded messages before you get to someone who can help - all calls are answered by real people
  • Everyone who works for us has either passed or is actively studying for the GR1 (Group Risk) exam set up by the CII and GRiD

We're determined never to become one of those faceless corporations that you dread contacting, because you know you'll spend ages being passed from pillar to post with only a remote chance of actually getting an answer to your query.

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